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Ask the Army Corps to Stop Fossil Fuel Projects Along the Gulf

Petrochemical corporations are racing to build new, dirty projects – increased fracking, pipelines, oil and gas terminals, and massive plastics plants – from the Permian Basin and across the Gulf Coast. If allowed, this would increase the threat of climate disaster and further pollute the most vulnerable black, indigenous, and low income communities who have suffered far too long already. 

Frontline communities across the Gulf South and around the globe are calling on the US Army Corps Of Engineers (USACE) to protect our water and air now by stopping the issue of permits to the dirty facilities. 

Help us #DefendTheGulf and call on USACE to: 

  1. Meet and tour frontline communities with local leaders to consult on permitting of dirty projects
  2. Conduct a regional Environmental Impact Statement to understand the cumulative impacts of pollution to the air, water, wildlife, and land!
  3. Uphold environmental, restorative, and language justice in their work.

Join us today and sign this letter by April 30th that we will send and deliver to USACE leaders across the Nation. We have more than 5,000 signatures so far, and our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures by the end of April.

On the Gulf Coast: ⚠️ 9 proposed Oil Exports terminals ⚠️ 20 proposed fracked gas LNG export terminals. It’s time for @Joe Biden to #BanFossilFuelExports to #DefendTheGulf | #DefiendeElGolfo! Our climate  future depends on it.


Over 5,000 people have demanded a response from the Army Corps by signing our letter, but our request for public participation is not recent. For years, community members have sent comments requesting public hearings in the Gulf region for these permit applications – and they have never responded. Now, we need everyone to speak out in a bigger way. Take action today to help us reach 10,000 signatures, and be sure to share a tweet or Facebook post from our toolkit.