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We cannot curb climate change in the U.S. without swift climate action in the Gulf.

The Gulf of Mexico and its coastal communities are in jeopardy. The oil, gas, and petrochemical industries have been rapidly expanding into residential zones. They are damaging precious wetlands and coastal areas and have been poisoning local residents for decades.
The construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure on the Gulf Coast will make the United States’ climate goals of a Carbon Free Energy Sector by 2035 and Net-zero Emissions by 2050 impossible to reach. There are over 30 proposed oil, gas, and petrochemical projects in various stages of development: 9 oil export terminal projects, 20+ proposed methane gas LNG export terminals, and many new petrochemical plants proposed. If allowed to continue construction, these projects will lock in oil and gas production and dependency—right at a time when rejoining the Paris Agreement and heeding the warnings of the IPCC should lead us to reduce carbon and air pollution emissions, not expand them.

On the Gulf Coast: ⚠️ 9 proposed Oil Exports terminals ⚠️ 20 proposed fracked gas LNG export terminals. It’s time for @Joe Biden to #BanFossilFuelExports to #DefendTheGulf | #DefiendeElGolfo! Our climate  future depends on it.


#DefendTheGulf #SunsetOnFossilFuels

Show us your favorite spot to catch a sunset in the Gulf states. Take a sunset selfie or video and let the world know why the Gulf is worth defending. Use the hashtags #DefendTheGulf and #SunsetOnFossilFuels